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The Surfrider Foundation is a grassroots, non-profit, environmental organization that works to protect our oceans, waves, and beaches. Founded in 1984, Surfrider Foundation’s most important coastal environmental work is carried out by Surfrider Foundation’s 60 chapters located along the East, West, Gulf, Puerto Rican, and Hawaiian coasts. More Details
July 11, 2013

July Meeting

July Meeting

Central Florida Surfrider Foundation

July 12, 2013 

Friday, @ 7:30pm

Space Bar

2428 East Robinson St

Orlando, Fl 32803


All ages welcome!


Surfrider Foundation – Central Florida Chapter will be holding the July meeting next Friday. The meeting date has been pushed back a week from the “1st Friday” to accommodate for the holiday weekend. The meeting is open to all members and anyone interested in learning more.

We are working on finalizing our “No Foam” campaign and need your help. We are also looking for a couple members to step up and handle our social media and website.
All ages welcome and everyone over 21 is welcome to hang out after the meeting on Friday when the bar will open.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday!


June 19, 2013

International Surfing Day!

Surfrider Central Florida will be celebrating International Surfing Day June 21st, this Friday at Spacebar. See you at 8:00PM

Have some beers, watch a movie, listen to music, and share your stories about getting wet on the 20th.There will be drink specials and giveaways all night.

Spacebar – 2428 E. Robinson St., Orlando, FL.
(407) 228-0804

Keeping with tradition, the Surfrider Foundation will also host a special International Surfing Day membership drive on June 20th. Make sure you list Central Florida as your chapter!



EVENT HISTORY:  International Surfing Day sprung from the idea that it would be great to have an annual day to celebrate surfing, while giving thanks and appreciation to our oceans, waves and beaches. From there, the first International Surfing Day began with one international and 16 domestic events. It has grown to more than 90 domestic events and 71 International spanning more than 30 countries across the globe. The day is not only filled with fun surf sessions and paddle-outs, but encourages people everywhere, no matter where they live, to give back through various activations organized by the Surfrider Foundation.

LOCATION:  International Surfing Day is a grassroots celebration that takes place at various locations worldwide.  To find an event near you, or register to host one, visit www.intlsurfingday.com.

DATE:  Thursday, June 20, 2013

TIME:  Activation and event times will vary.  Visit www.intlsurfingday.com for additional details on activations taking place worldwide.

PARTICIPATION:  Participation in International Surfing Day is free.  Visit www.intlsurfingday.com to find a local event or register to host one.  If there is not an International Surfing Day event taking place locally, people can still give back to our oceans, waves and beaches by doing some of the following:

  • Pick up after your pet
  • Properly dispose of used motor oil
  • Refuse single-use plastic bags and bottles and opt for a reusable bag or bottle instead
  • Visit www.surfrider.org and participate in the one-day-only International Surfing Day membership drive.


  • More than 1,800 people joined or renewed their Surfrider Foundation membership on ISD
  • Surfrider Foundation led more than 138 events in more than 22 countries;
  • There were more than 250 events worldwide
  • More than 20,000 participants made it out to one of the ISD events
  • Participants helped removed more than 3 tons of trash from our coastlines

WEBSITE:  Additional information on International Surfing Day can be found at www.intlsurfingday.com.

CONTACT:  For all media inquiries, please contact Alexis Henry, Surfrider Foundation’s Communications Manager at 949.732.6413 or ahenry@surfrider.org.

June 1, 2013

June Meeting

June Meeting
Friday, June 7th @ 7:30pm
Space Bar
2428 East Robinson St
Orlando, Fl 32803

All ages welcome!

Surfrider Foundation – Central Florida Chapter will be holding the June meeting this Friday. The meeting is open to all members and anyone interested in learning more.

Come out and help us plan our International Surfing Day party and event.

We have a couple campaign ideas to discuss and begin executing and need you input to help make them as successful as possible.

All ages welcome and everyone over 21 is welcome to hang out after the meeting on Friday when the bar will open.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday!

April 25, 2013

Hands Across the Sand/Land is May 18th!

Come out May 18 (Lake Ivanhoe) at 10Am to take part in this international event. With all the news of spills and the lasting effects of Deepwater Horizon, we need to speak up in solidarity for the oceans. Find the Facebook event page at

https://www.facebook.com/events/621578144539443/ to sign up.

From the Hands Across the Sand website:

Joining hands is fun, empowering, immensely important and sends a powerful message. It’s easy. click on one of the boxes above and create an event for Saturday May 18th, today.

Join Hands to end our dependence on dangerous, dirty fuels. Join Hands to end global warming and climate change. Join Hands to embrace Clean Energy. ”It’s the most important thing we can do as human beings” Dave Rauschkolb, founder.

This will again be a gathering in solidarity of people all over the world who care about preserving our precious oceans, oxygen, drinking water and food from dangerous, dirty fuels. The acquisition and burning of dirty fuels are destroying the earth. Ending our dependance of dirty fuels is essential to the survival of our planet. We will join hands to say NO to dirty fuels and YES to clean energy.

Please visit our FB page: Hands Across the Sand and remember to post your pictures to our Flickr page and send them to your elected officials after your event. Thanks All!



April 16, 2013

Playalinda Beach Clean Up

Join Central Florida Surfrider as we clean Playalinda Beach this Saturday.

We will meet at Cracker Jacks Seafood and Tiki bar between 10:00 AM and 11:00 Am to check in and get assignments. From Cracker Jacks, we will travel to the beach and clean. Once the beach is tidy, we will return to Cracker Jacks for a party with food and drink specials, a raffle, music, and fun!

Cracker Jacks Seafood and Tiki Bar
2A Max Brewer Memorial Pier
Titusville, Fl 32796

April 10, 2013

EarthDay Birthday 20

Surfrider Foundation – Central Florida Chapter will have a tent at this years Earthday Birthday, hosted by WJRR radio station.

We’re looking for volunteers to help us network with the community.
We’ll meet up around 9a, get setup and enjoy the day of music and more.
Those interested please respond asap to centralflorida@surfrider.org

1. Playalinda Beach cleanup planned for Earthday on April 20th. We are looking for volunteers to help with the various tasks involved in making this a success. Coffee and breakfast snacks on hand, beach clean up and music after at Cracker Jacks, Raffles and giveaways.

3. Hands Across the Sand(HAS)!! There will be a lot to do with this event so we need everyone on board. HAS will be May 18th at Lake Ivanhoe. We need a lot of help in all areas to promote this event and make it huge. 

March 22, 2013

World Water Day Special Membership Offer

Today marks World Water Day. The Surfrider Foundation will be offering a special World Water Day membership package.

Supporters who join or renew their membership to the Surfrider Foundation, or make a donation of $50 will receive a limited edition World Water Day long-sleeve, organic cotton T-shirt and sticker pack. The Surfrider Foundation will also offer a limited number of “premium” World Water Day packages. The first 100 supporters to join, renew or make a donation of $80 will receive the long-sleeve shirt, sticker pack, and a voucher for a pair of Teva sandals (you can choose from eight styles!).

Follow the link to sign up!  www.surfrider.org/membership?source=CH7

March 13, 2013

World Water Day 3/22/13 – Here are some helpful tips.

Here are 15 easy, low or no-cost things you can do to reduce your water waste in and around your home:

Check faucets and pipes for leaks – A small drip from a worn faucet washer can waste up to 20 gallons of water per day. Larger leaks can waste hundreds of gallons per day.

Use a broom to sweep your driveway and sidewalks – Hosing down your driveway and sidewalks is wasteful and can contribute to declines in downstream water quality. Use a broom and dustpan instead.

Take shorter showers – One way to cut down on water use is to turn off the shower after soaping up, then turn it back on to rinse. A four-minute shower uses approximately 20 to 40 gallons of water.

Check your toilets for leaks – Put a little food coloring in your toilet tank. If, without flushing, the color begins to appear in the bowl within 30 minutes, you have a leak that should be repaired immediately. Most replacement parts are inexpensive and easy to install.

Use your water meter to check for hidden water leaks – Read the house water meter before and after a two-hour period when no water is being used. If the meter does not read exactly the same, there is a leak.

Put a brick in your tank – If you are still using a traditional non-low flow toilet, you can put one or two bricks in your tank. This will help displace some of the volume and reduce the amount of water used during each flush.

Turn off the tap while you’re brushing your teeth – Turning off the water while you brush your teeth helps to save over 150 gallons of water a month.

Rinse your razor in the sink – Fill the sink with a few inches of warm water. This will rinse your razor just as well as running water, with far less waste.

Use your dishwasher and clothes washer for only full loads – Automatic dishwashers and clothes washers should be fully loaded for optimum water conservation.

Keep a pitcher of drinking water in the fridge – Running tap water to cool it off for drinking water is wasteful. Instead keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator.

Water plants and landscaping in the morning or evening – Watering in the morning or evening reduces loss to evaporation.

Utilize climate adapted plants in your yard and landscaping – Climate adapted plants require less water. Find out how to plant your own “Ocean Friendly Garden” here.

Avoid using the Permanent Press cycle on your washer – With clothes washers, avoid the permanent press cycle, which uses an added 5 gallons for the extra rinse.

Find a car wash! – Using a commercial car wash that recycles their water will save over 150 gallons each time you wash your vehicle and help reduce runoff.

Avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily – Dispose of tissues, insects and other such waste in the trash rather than the toilet



February 26, 2013

March General Meeting

March Meeting

Central Florida Surfrider Foundation

Friday, March 1st @ 7:30pm

Space Bar
2428 East Robinson St
Orlando, Fl 32803

All ages welcome!

Surfrider Foundation – Central Florida Chapter will be holding the March meeting this Friday. The meeting is open to all members and anyone interested in learning more.

We have a few very important items to discuss and begin working on this Friday.

1. We are going to elect new board members, if you are interested in any of the positions (Chairman, vice-chair, treasurer, secretary) come out and let us know. If you are not interested in a position, come out and vote!

2. Playalinda beach cleanup on April 19th. We need to hash out the details and have a firm plan in place.

3. Hands Across the Sand(HAS)!! We will be discussing the location and all aspects of the event. There will be a lot to do with this event so we need everyone onboard. HAS will be May 18th with a tentative location of Lake Ivanhoe.

See you on Friday!

All ages welcome and everyone over 21 is welcome to hang out after the meeting on Friday when the bar will open.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday!

August 20, 2012



My name is Tim Orrange and I am honored to announce that I am the next Chairman of the Central Florida Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. I was previously vice-chair of the Miami Chapter and look forward to bringing my knowledge and learning to Central Florida and building on all the chapter and all our past leaders have accomplished.

The Surfrider Foundation works hard to protect our oceans, beaches and waterways through Conservation, Activism, Research, and Education. Please come out to our next genal member meeting Friday September 14th, 7:30pm at Spacebar to learn what we have done in the past year and what is planned for the remainder of 2012 and 2013. With your help and support, we can grow this chapter and make a difference when it comes to our ultimate playground – mother ocean.

Look for emails with more specifics on upcoming events and meetings.

Remember that, although we live inland, all our decisions impact the ocean.

I look forward to meeting you all personally.

Tim Orrange


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